Stress Relief Essential Oil Blends Set

Adjust: Take courage as you inhale this aroma. Motivate your senses, courage & confidence may overcome you and feelings of happiness and valor may overtake you. Feel calm and in control.

Contains: spruce, rosewood, chamomile, frankincense and roman chamomile


Stressy Lessy: A peace & calming blend and may ease anxiety and tension. Breathe deeper as you balance and elevate your emotions, purify your thoughts bringing joy and happiness to your being.

Contains: lemon, orange, clary sage and ylang ylang

Clearin Ma Mind: Life is stressful and we all have those moments where we feel like we have a case of ADD or worse yet maybe ADHD! This blend may promote energizing concentration, serenity, restful sleep and clearer focus, giving you solace of mind!


Could you possible feel depressed or anxious when this aromatherapy trio is so inexpensive and cheaper than other high quality oils and has a Money Back Guarantee!