Anxiet- Ease Essential Oil Roll On

 Anxiet-Ease Essential Oil Roll On 10 ml

  • Details: When life is hectic and stress is high, causing you to feel panic, and like you might be suffering from ADD! 
  • You'll be so glad to have this little roll on helper! This essential oil roller on is a "must have" since the world is full of stress.
  • It is an oil carefully formulated and may help to ease anxiety and panic.
  • This roller on contains the best quality ingredients like 
  1. Lavender,
  2. Spruce,
  3. Rosewood,
  4. Chamomile,
  5. Frankincense,
  6. Roman
  7. Chamomile,
  8. Lemon,
  9. Orange,
  10. Clary Sage,
  11. Patchouli,
  12. Vetiver,
  13. Fractionated Coconut Oil.


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