Essential Oils From The Bible Set

Essential Oils From The Bible Set

Frankincense: Found in the remains of ancient Egyptians and Anglo-Saxon civilizations, this oil dates all the way back to the biblical times. Closely related to religious traditions and rites, Frankincense literally means high quality incense. Mostly from Somalia, the resin of the Boswellia sacra trees is highly sought out. This oil is piney and lemony combined with a sweet, woody aroma.  These trees can grow in the most unforgiving environments and their resiliency is empowering. This essential oil is a must have when it comes to all its beneficial properties. 


Myrrh:  The timeless beauty of Myrrh’s potential still stuns the world today. It is considered an aromatic resin that comes from the same plant family as Frankincense. It is harvested from trees in the Commiphora family in India and is considered bitter and spicy. Myrrh has a slightly earthy scent that is like black licorice. It is often used in religious ceremonies today – just as it was many centuries ago. Try this classic today and be amazed at it's numerous resolves.


Hyssop: Residing along the sun drenched Mediterranean region, this oil was known as a holy or sacred herb in ancient times. The sweet, warm smell of this oil stimulates your senses and cleanses your mind and body. The plant, as a whole is resistant to dry and harsh environments giving it a spirited personality. It is very beneficial to your mind, body, and soul.

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