August 16, 2018

You may be surprised to learn that copaiba oil is one of the most anti-inflammatory substances found on earth. However, despite its unique properties, it is still widely used only as a varnish or lacquer. Indigenous people of South America used it as part of their traditional medicine regimens. There are several powerful, active components in copaiba EO. Mostly it contains hydrocarbons such as terpenes which can have a beneficial effect on your health. Having a reaction or allergy to this oil is extremely rare. It can be used in a diffuser or for a topical application.

 Copaiba essential oil comes from a tree native to South America in the Copaifera genus. The oil is slightly thicker than some of the other essential oils and it is a yellow color. The fragrance is a bit woody and will remind you of the balsam tree with its earthy fragrance. It’s often used in perfume making and has a wide variety of health benefits.

 Top Benefits of Copaiba EO

The most notable health benefits of copaiba oil include its ability to reduce inflammation and pain, protect from infection, promote healthy skin, boost respiratory health and prevent fungal growth. It can improve the health of the hair and skin, speed up healing, and lower blood pressure. It has a wide variety of functions. Here are many of them.

  • Skin Care – Copaiba essential oil has astringent properties that make it wonderful for the skin. It can help tighten the skin, so it looks younger, reduces wrinkles and can help strengthen the skin so as to prevent wounds as age increases.
  • Eliminate Scarring – Copaiba oil protects the skin, but it can also be beneficial for healing scars. It can be used topically to help reduce the visibility of scars.
  • Relieve Congestion – When used aromatically such as in a diffuser, copaiba EO can help relieve respiratory issues. Inhaling the oil can be soothing. Inhaling this oil releases its anti-inflammatory properties which can help ease discomfort and loosen muscles and glands that may be causing irritation.
  • Pain Reducer – The analgesic properties of copaiba essential oil can help soothe headaches and body aches and pains. It can be effective when used topically or diffused.
  • Prevent Infection – Using copaiba EO topically can give your immune system a boost. It directly protects the skin by preventing infection in a wound.
  • Improved Mood – When used in aromatherapy, this oil can lighten and improve your mood. It’s sweet, pleasant aroma is gentle on the hormonal balance and can significantly improve your mood and your day.
  • Prevent or treat Fungal Infections – The antifungal properties of copaiba EO can be useful for those who have athlete’s foot or nail fungus. Mixing it with a carrier oil and applying it to your feet can help speed up healing while protecting from future infections.
  • Lower Blood Pressure – Using copaiba oil regularly in your aromatherapy regimen can help boost heart health and reduce the chances of having a stroke or a heart attack. The oil’s soothing and anti-inflammatory nature helps relieve tension and strain on blood vessels which can help lower your blood pressure which will remove the strain on the cardiovascular system.

 6 Ways Copaiba Essential Oil Can Be Used

Opening a bottle of copaiba EO can bring the scent of the Amazon rainforest into the room. This oil is steam distilled from the Copaifera reticulatatree in Brazil. The oil provides a woodsy, but warm scent and is often used in spa and skin treatments. There are several ways to use this earthy essential oil. Here are five of the top ways to use it.

  1. Add it to your moisturizer.If your skin needs a bit of a pick-me-up, copaiba EO can help. It can reduce the appearance of blemishes while promoting a youthful, radiant glow. Add a few drops of the oil to a moisturizer that is not scented, or one that is lightly scented. Use it before bed each evening.
  2. Use it as a perfume. Copaiba EO is not overpowering, so it can be used to customize perfumes. It can be used in place of sandalwood or cedarwood.
  3. Diffuse copaiba EO. Just a couple of drops in the diffuser and you can smell the rainforest in your living room. To create a blend that provides a sweet rainforest escape, try this recipe in your diffuser:
  4. Use it during a massage.A copaiba massage can be relaxing after a stressful day, a hard workout or a strenuous hike. Dilute copaiba essential oil with the carrier oil of your choice and massage any muscles that are fatigued after activities. This provides a nice, comforting cooldown.
  5. Copaiba foot soak.Maybe you can’t break away to get to a spa in the Brazilian rainforest, but you can experience a luxurious foot soak. Try this Tropical Resort Foot Soaking recipe to soothe sore muscles at day’s end.
    • ¼ cup of Epsom salts
    • 2 drops of copaiba EO
    • 1 drop of peppermint EO
    • 1 drop of clove EO

 Mix the Epsom salt and oils together in a small bowl then add the mixture to warm water. Sit and relax and soak your feet for about 15 to 30 minutes. 

  1. Remove Calluses.Copaiba EO can be used to soften or remove calluses. However, you do not want to use this blend for more than seven days. After that amount of time, the skin may stop responding to the oils. Here are the ingredients you will need:
    • 3 drops of copaiba EO
    • 3 drops of lavender EO
    • 3 drops of lemon or eucalyptus EO
    • 1 tablespoon of a carrier oil

Mix these ingredients together in a glass jar or bowl with a lid. Apply it to the affected area several times a day. Protect the area with a bandage or band aid to allow the oils to penetrate deeply.

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