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Painful muscles affect everyone at one time or another. Some people have more trouble with knots, spasms, or other muscle discomforts Exercise, illness, PMS, arthritis, and soreness can turn a great day into a horrible one. There are some essential oils for muscle knots, spasms, soreness, and pain. They can provide a natural form of relief without using chemicals. They are also easy to use and provide a variety of other benefits at the same time. Discover the different essential oils for muscle knots, spasms, aches, and pains no matter what the cause.

Four Ways to Use Essential Oils for Muscle Knots, Cramps, and Spasms

Using essential oils for muscle knots, spasms, cramps, pain, or soreness is a natural way to find some relief. Here are the four ways to treat different muscle discomfort using essential oils.

  1. Massage Therapy.Combining two treatment options that have both been proven effective is a great way to get some relief. Massage therapy and oils create an environment that helps with whole bod relaxation and healing, plus it helps tired, sore, or spasming muscles to relax.
  • Mix the essential oil and carrier oil of your choice using 10 drops of the EO per one ounce of massage oil.
  • Massage the mixture into the muscles that are causing discomfort.
  1. Soaking Bath.A long hot bath can help your body release tension and provide relief from aches and pains no matter what caused the discomfort. Oftentimes when a muscle spasms or knots up, it is joint or stress related.
  • While the bathtub is filling with hot water, pour in two to three cups of Epsom Salts and 10 drops of your preferred essential oil.
  • You may want to mix the EO with a carrier oil before adding it to the bath, so it will mix well.
  • Sink into the hot tub and be carried away in bliss.
  1. Aromatherapy/Diffuser.Sometimes there simply isn’t enough time for a massage or a hot bath. Diffusing oils into your room is an easy way to reap the benefits without having to take a lot of time.
  • Fill the diffuser with water per the manufacturer’s instructions and then add between five and seven drops of the essential oil of your choice.
  • Turn the diffuser on.
  • Enjoy as you go about your work as you breathe in the relaxing aromas of essential oils.
  1. Cold or Hot Compress.Hot and cold compresses have been viewed as a viable treatment option for years. Hot compresses help relieve muscle tension and improve circulation. Cold compresses help reduce inflammation, or swelling. Add in the effect of essential oils and you’ve got a win-win situation.
  • Chill or boil water and then pour it into a bowl.
  • Add four drops of the essential oil of your choice.
  • Place a clean towel in the water and oil mixture and let it soak for a couple minutes.
  • Press the wet towel on the effected joint or muscle.
  • Once the towel reaches room temperature, repeat.

Remember that it’s not good to apply essential oils directly to the skin. They have to be diluted with a carrier oil before they are applied topically.

Five of the Best Essential Oils for Muscle Knots and Pain

Because essential oils are so versatile, there are a lot of different ones that are beneficial for relieving muscle knots and spasms. Most oils offer a variety of benefits. These five oils are known to reduce muscle spasms, knots and pain. Here are the top five essential oils to use for relief from muscle knots, spasms, and pain.

  1. Lavender Essential Oil.Lavender EO offers a broad range of therapeutic benefits including both physical and mental. It’s also a gentler oil when it comes to using it topically. This oil provides both analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties when it is used topically which can be useful for helping relieve strained or cramping muscles. In some instances, muscle spasms, knots, and cramps are brought on by stress. Lavender EO is known to be an emotional tonic that can help ease stress and anxiety. It has a wide range of benefits including helping relieve muscle tension, spasms, joint pain, and tendinitis.
  2. Marjoram Essential Oil.Marjoram EO is well-known for having antispasmodic properties. This makes it one of the exceptional essential oils for muscle knots and cramps. It can do a lot more than bringing relief to aching and cramping muscles though. It is also good for relieving spasms in the respiratory and intestinal tracts. It’s often used for relieving pain associated with migraines, arthritis, and rheumatism.
  3. Turmeric Essential Oil. Ayurvedic medicine from India has made use of turmeric for thousands of years. It’s used as a spice, drying agent and as a holistic healing tool. The spice is often used in Ayurvedic treatments because of its ability to support and realign the body’s imbalances. Turmeric EO is taken from the root of the plant and has potent antibiotic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antiviral properties. It also has properties that help promote relaxation and healing in the body. Many of the properties of turmeric EO block harmful enzymes that can negatively affect the skeletal and muscular systems. This property makes it a go-to for many who suffer from joint and muscle pains. To relieve muscle spasms and knots use it as a massage oil. After diluting with a carrier oil, apply the deep, penetrating essential oil while massaging the effected muscles.
  4. Juniper Essential Oil.Even though many haven’t ever heard of Juniper EO, it has been used for centuries to reduce stress, detoxify, reduce inflammation, and relieve pain. It has powerful properties including anti-rheumatic, analgesic, and antiseptic properties. This oil is beneficial for relieving muscle knots because of its analgesic and anti-rheumatic properties. It helps soothe muscles, so they can relax. It’s a good choice for a soothing bath, or a deep muscle massage.
  5. Peppermint Essential Oil.Peppermint EO is fierce when it comes to its healing properties. Its active ingredient, menthol, acts as an invigorating scent and is antispasmodic and analgesic in nature. This is beneficial for relieving pain, pressure and tension. It has the unique ability to clam the mind and body at the same time to help relieve stress. It’s a great choice to add to a soaking bath, massage oil, or a cold compress. This oil is especially beneficial after a strenuous workout to help relieve muscle cramps, pains, and spasms.

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