December 23, 2017

Aside from being one of the most beautiful flowers in the world, roses, when purified to oil form, range from longevity to extreme health benefits. Now, I don’t mean go ingesting a bunch of rose essential oil in hopes for immortality. Rose essential oil does not promise to bring forever life. However, if you are looking to bring back some of the youthfulness to your skin, rose EO is a great one to use.

Lets face it, shiny, fresh, youthful skin is every woman's dream and even some men’s. By just applying small amounts to the face and neck areas, puts back the confidence in your everyday look.

While you glow from those few drops, you’re also doing your mind and body a huge favor. Rose essential oil may help reduce signs of depression, anxiety, and could stop a migraine in its tracks. So you are left feeling happy and confident.

If you’ve already fallen in love with rose essential oil, it’s because of the aroma that is used to trigger the libido. It can make for the perfect massage oil.

Nurturing the skin is very beneficial, for it is our biggest organ. But while you’re nurturing your skin, you may also be taking care of the liver functions, circulatory functions, heart functions, reducing dehydration and asthma, and could also be  preventing the risk of a handful of infections and bacterial problems, keeping a healthy blood pressure as well and staying happy whilst you do so.

Now because essential oils are in such high concentrate, when they aren’t used in the proper doses they can actually counteract some of the affects. So when using rose and all other essential oils educate yourself first.

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