April 09, 2019

 In our hectic world stress and irritability go hand in hand. Most of us live on the edge by keeping our schedules full to the brim. Between work, family, and tons of other things pulling at our attention and time it’s easy to become irritable. Negative emotions like irritability can wear away at our physical and emotional health. There are some essential oils for irritability. Some of them help you manage your moods, ease anxiety, bust the blues, or just help you relax so you can think. 

Using Essential Oils for Irritability and Emotional Well-Being

Before using essential oils for irritability please talk to your health care provider about serious emotional and mental health issues. Essential oils are not a miracle cure, especially for serious emotional conditions. However, they can often be very useful for helping combat negative emotions like anger, irritability, and anxiety. EOs are comprised of chemicals that occur naturally in plants. Inhaling these synergistic, naturally occurring chemicals sends triggers to the brain, triggers that affect our emotions. This can provide physical benefits which can be beneficial for our emotional state. 

One example is orange essential oil. Just the aroma of orange EO provides emotional balance and can help give you a positive outlook. Sweet orangs EO can be used alone or with other potent oils to improve your mood. Using essential oils for irritability means using the right oils to address underlying issues. 

Essential Oil Blends to Diffuse for Irritability

These recipes can be helpful for reducing irritability. You can just add the right number of drops of essential oils to the diffuser that has been filled to the fill line with water. Or, you can make the blends and keep them on hand to use whenever you start to feel irritable. To make the blend, you’ll want to multiply it by four so that you have 20 total drops of the blend. Add the blended oils to a dark amber colored glass bottle and then mix them. The oils can be mixed by rolling the capped glass bottle between your hands. Add the right number of drops of the blend of your choice to your diffuser. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the brand and model you are using. Some of the thicker oils are not compatible with all of the types of diffusers. 

Blend 1: 3 drops of mandarin EO and 2 drops of lavender EO

Blend 2: 2 drops of lavender EO, 1 drop of neroli EO, and 2 drops of Roman Chamomile EO

Blend 3: 1 drop of neroli EO, and 4 drops of sandalwood EO

Blend 4: 2 drops of mandarin EO, and 3 drops of sandalwood EO

Blend 5: 3 drops of Roman chamomile EO and 2 drops of mandarin EO


Top 10 Essential Oils for Irritability and Negative Emotions

 Lavender Essential Oil:Lavender shows up on most lists it seems. It is best known for helping to induce sleep and relaxation. It can also ease depression and anxiety that can lead to irritability.

Frankincense Essential Oil:When you are irritable, you can get yourself grounded by diffusing frankincense EO. It is beneficial for relieving depression and can help you relax.

Wild Orange EO:Oftentimes irritability occurs when you have low energy levels. Wild orange EO is invigorating and refreshing. It can give your positive emotions a boost and uplift your spirits.

Peppermint EO:Peppermint essential oil is very calming. If you experience a lot of stress at work or are dealing with difficult circumstances carry a peppermint blend roller ball with you. When you start to feel irritable, roll it on to help clear your mind and boost energy.

Bergamot EO:If you’ve ever enjoyed Earl Grey tea, you’ve experienced the calming citrusy hint of bergamot. It can soothe anxiety and promote positive thoughts when dealing with frustrating or difficult situations.

Ylang Ylang EO:Ylang ylang can help take the edge off when you are upset or anxious. It’s also good for lowering blood pressure which can be elevated with irritability or frustrations.

Vetiver EO:A distant cousin to lemongrass, vetiver can relieve nervous energy, anger, and anxiety. This is helpful for reducing irritability and a bad mood.

Sandalwood EO:Sandalwood oil is beneficial when you need to refocus. Its relaxing effects can help reduce irritability and its sedative properties can help you get to sleep.

Rosemary EO:Rosemary essential oil has an earthy scent that is uplifting and can help battle negative emotions. This oil helps relieve fatigue and can help alleviate depression. It is also good for promoting concentration.

Roman Chamomile EO:Chamomile is known to help promote relaxation and the calming effect of Roman chamomile essential oil is the same. It can help ease depression and sadness which can be underlying causes of irritability.

 Ways You Can Use Essential Oils

There are several ways to use essential oils for irritability. You can diffuse them using a diffuser. But you can also reap the benefits by taking a whiff of them directly from the bottle. Some prefer to use diffuser jewelry so they can benefit from them throughout the day. Experiment with some of the Eos to determine which work best for you, or which ones you prefer. They can also be used topically, but remember to dilute them with a carrier oil so they will not cause skin irritation.

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