June 25, 2018

Time for Some Self Care!

You’ve probably heard it said that you can’t take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself. You may even acknowledge it as true, but who has the time, right? We know setting aside some me time is important, but it can also be a challenging task and you may face lots of obstacles. In the long run, it will pay off when you take just a few minutes each day for self care. Taking some time for yourself and using essential oils can help your mind and heart will be clearer and equip you to deal with the rest of the day. Here are just a few tips and suggestions to help guide you in setting aside time to devote to self care as well as a few oils that can help you manage daily stress.

Think about Yourself Just a Little Bit

It can be hard to think about yourself when you are so geared toward taking care of others. We all understand how rewarding it can be to serve others. But unless you are well, you cannot effectively help others. Take a little bit of time to focus on yourself. To prepare for the week ahead, take some time over the weekend to clean your room instead of the rest of your house. When you go grocery shopping pick up one or two of your favorite items to help you get through the week. Give yourself a time slot to take a short nap, or treat yourself to a refreshing, invigorating bath with your favorite essential oil or handmade soap.

Keep it Simple

The to-do list can grow on its own, or so it seems. But it is quite okay to leave off a couple of items and pencil in some time for you. If possible, set aside some time over the weekend, or one afternoon that is to-do free. Take time to relax without thinking about all the things you need to get done. They will still be there when you are relaxed and more focused after indulging in a to-do free zone.

Making Daily Self Care Choices

Maybe you don’t have a day or even an afternoon to dedicate to your own self care. Or perhaps you can’t do it every week. There are still a few ways to practice self care on a regular basis. Start by giving yourself something you enjoy or love every day. It doesn’t have to be huge or time-consuming, just something you like, that’s just for you. Pick one and incorporate it into your daily schedule so it becomes a habit. Take a look at this list of suggestions and choose where you want to start. Try a different one every day if you like. It can be like your personal gift to yourself. Here are some suggestions:

  • Take a gentle walk without any particular destination in mind
  • Start the morning with your favorite breakfast
  • Take time to meditate or do a short yoga session
  • Add essential oils to your beauty routine
  • Apply a lavender roll-on and go to bed early
  • Keep a gratitude journal of things you are thankful for
  • List all the compliments you receive in a day
  • Treat yourself to a manicure or skin treatment

Working some “me time” into your daily routine will pay out huge in the long run. When you are relaxed and feel refreshed, then you can accomplish a lot more.

Essential Oils to use for Self Care

When practicing self care, you want to trigger your relaxation response to lessen stress and tension in your body and mind. Do what works for you. Get out for a walk in nature, do yoga or meditation, try aromatherapy, exercise or whatever it takes for you to feel relaxed and refreshed. There are numerous health benefits to trigging relaxation mode including lower heart rate, normalized blood pressure, lower blood sugar levels, improved digestion and healthy cortisol levels. One of the best and easiest ways to trigger the relaxation response is aromatherapy. It can be a simple, but effective way to keep stress from taking hold in your body. It’s flexible. It’s portable. You can use aromatherapy in a diffuser, diluted and applied to the skin or in your bath. Here are five essential oils to use for self care.

  1. Use frankincense essential oil to help you feel calm. It can be used during yoga or meditation or you can apply it to your wrists or forehead after diluting it with a carrier oil.
  2. Rosemary oil is scented stronger than many essential oils. Its scent can help you feel confident and can help you concentrate better. It’s useful for fighting nervous disorders, burnout, exhaustion and mental fatigue. It clears your mind and emotions.
  3. Bergamot oil is the embodiment of self-worth and self-love. It helps the body release fears associated with not feeling good enough, emotional pain, and helps you feel your own love and self-acceptance.
  4. If you want help alleviating stress and anxiety, ylang ylang is the oil for you. It offers an uplifting aroma that can help fight off depression or enable you to cope with feelings of anger.
  5. Breathing in the complexity of geranium essential oil can help alleviate anxiousness. It has a calming effect. It blends well with lavender to help melt away depression and stress.


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