January 04, 2018


 Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils - A Thing Or Not A Thing?


There has been a little controversy regarding Essential Oils and labeling them "Therapeutic Grade." There are write ups and blogs stating "Beware of companies claiming Therapeutic Grade", and I am here to tell you the basics of what Therapeutic Grade means to me and why I use it.

I want to start off with the fact that I am aware there is no "formally approved grading standard" used consistently throughout the essential oil industry. Nevertheless, I stand up for my belief that there are different grades of essential oils. Based upon soil conditions, seed quality, climate, altitude, growing conditions, harvesting, the care during distillation, bottling and storage - these can all play a vital role in the resulting quality of an essential oil.

 I know my product and I pay close attention to its quality. Renewed Healths Essential Oils are suitable for use by those seeking oils for use in holistic aromatherapy because I have chosen a certified supplier who adheres to strict quality standards. To know those certifications, check out our blog on Renewed Health Oils abbreviations regarding our Supplier and their strict policies and values in providing the best of results. 

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