February 14, 2018

Seven Essential Oils to Boost Your Mood and Productivity

Smell is perhaps our strongest sense and it is a heavy influencer of brain activity. As part of the limbic system, the olfactory bulbs are directly connected to areas of the brain that process our emotions and learning capabilities. Think about when you’ve had a smell trigger a memory of a person or an occurrence. Maybe bread baking reminds you of the days you spent on the farm with your grandparents, or a certain perfume reminds you of a former partner or date. This is the premise behind aroma therapy. Simply inhaling aromas can elicit change in our bodies. What if you could improve your energy levels or productivity by using a diffuser? There are several essential oils known to boost your mood and productivity. Here are seven of the best oils to use in your work area or office.

Rosemary – Concentration and Memory

Rosemary essential oil is the go-to if you are trying to memorize something. It’s been said to help improve both memory and concentration. It can also be effective for reducing stress. Rosemary can be useful for combatting physical tiredness and mental fatigue which can be energy and productivity sappers. It’s also been known to help alleviate headaches and can be used topically to help relieve muscular pains.

Jasmine – Reaction Time

Jasmine essential oil can trigger the brain’s “feel good” beta waves. But it’s also beneficial for helping speed up reaction times. It’s also known to improve your mood. It can have a similar effect like lavender and help calm the nerves. It has been used as an anti-depressant because of it’s capability to lift the mood. Use Jasmine when you need to feel confident, boost optimism or need more energy.

Lemon – Motivation

Lemon essential oil is a mood lifter and motivator partly because of its bright, citrus scent. It’s been said to help calm people down when they feel angry, run down or anxious. It also has antibacterial and antiviral properties to help boost the immune system and improve circulation. Sniffing lemon has been linked to raising levels of norepinephrine. This is a chemical in the brain that helps with decision making and motivation.

Peppermint – Awaken and Refresh

Peppermint essential oil is perfect if you are headed to a brainstorming session. This oil is known to awaken the mind and help with metal clarity and focus. It’s also useful during a commute to or from work as it can help relieve fatigue and frustration. Some studies have indicated it help reduce driver’s annoyance and some found it to help reduce burnout and mental fatigue. Keep it in your car and your office.

Cypress – Vitality

Cypress essential oil helps particularly when you are in transition. Diffusing it can help heal hurts that occurred during a transformational period of life. It has ben said to promote both vitality and improve energy levels. It is beneficial for equalizing emotions when you are under a lot of stress.

Ylang-Ylang – Self-esteem

Ylang-Ylang essential oil has a nice floral scent that is said to boost alertness as well as promote harmony with others. This makes it the perfect oil for collaborative group projects. Some researchers have indicated it is also good for boosting self-esteem.

Frankincense – Relax Your Mind

Frankincense essential oil has been used for years to relax the overactive mind. It’s properties have been said to help improve memory retention and help with clear thinking. Many have stated frankincense has a nearly Prozac-like effect on the brain. By relaxing the busy mind, an individual can increase productivity in the workplace because they are not as anxious.+

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