March 02, 2018

Essential Oils to Help You Relax and Sleep

The power of scent is amazing. Think of how a smell triggers a memory, makes you think of a person or a place you’ve been. Scents have a direct impact on our bodies via the nervous system too. They can elicit emotions or memories. As soon as the scent hits our noses, the olfactory nerve starts signaling the parts of the brain that are in charge of memory, emotions and moods. Perhaps this is why essential oils have been used as sleep aids for years and are likely to be used for years to come. Fragrances trigger a response. There are certain oils, and blends of oils, you can use when you want that response to be a good night’s sleep. Here are a few of the best oils to help you and your family relax or get a good night’s sleep.

Lavender Oil

Lavender is perhaps the most popular essential oil known for its relaxing effect. Studies have shown that lavendercan help calm the nervous system, lower blood pressure, reduce the heart rate and skin temperature. Some say it can also help reduce anxiety.

Bergamot Oil

Bergamot is a citrus hybrid that is a unique blend with similarities to orange, lemon and lime. It has been used in Italian folk medicine, but more recently, it’s been found to relieve anxiety and tension. Studies have shown bergamot oil can help reduce heart rate, stress and blood pressure. It may also be useful for reducing chronic pain.

Clary Sage

Clary sage is closely related to the garden herb, sage. However, it is an oil that is extracted from the clary sage herb. It has been used for relaxation and has been known to help dental patients relax during treatments. When used as aromatherapy, it has shown antidepressant effects. It can be used to help you find relaxation and rest.

Roman Chamomile

This secret of Roman Chamomile has been known by mothers for centuries as they have used it to help calm their children. The aroma is light and floral, helping create a peaceful atmosphere. This essential oil helps ease restlessness and anxiety and is great for all ages.


Vetiver essential oil has a rich, earthy aroma. Perhaps this is because it is distilled from the roots of the plant. As a sleep aid, it is calming, stabilizing and psychologically grounding. However, if you are new to using vetiver, it can take some time to get used to its unique aroma. Try mixing it with a citrus or floral oil like bergamot or lavender for starters.


The unique properties of cedarwood include supporting the healthy function of the pineal gland. This is a small gland which releases the body’s natural sleep hormone, melatonin. The woodsy scent of cedarwood can take some time to get used to. To help with sleep, mix it with lavender essential oil and apply the mix to the bottoms of your feet. Put some socks on and enjoy a good night’s sleep.


The leaves of the marjoram plant are distilled to obtain this essential oil. The Romans dubbed it the” herb of happiness” and the Greeks called it “joy of the mountains.” It is very soothing and helps relax the nerves. Blend it with a carrier oil such as coconut oil and then apply it directly to the back of the neck, just below the hairline.

Ylang ylang

The meaning of Ylang ylang is “flower of flowers.” The flower was historically used on a couple’s wedding night to cover their beds. It is thought to help balance female and male energies, help restore peace and support focus. Diffuse the oil starting about 30 minutes before bedtime.


This essential oil helps balance emotions, supports healthy sleep, and calms the mind. It’s the go-to when it comes to a natural oil sleep aid. But it also has the additional benefit of supporting the body’s natural response to healing. Frankincense essential oil can be useful for helping the mind calm down at bedtime, so you can get some sleep.


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