February 06, 2018

Make Your Own Natural Dish Soap Or Hand Soap With Essential Oils


The vegetarian transition is pulling more and more people to a healthier non-toxic way of living and essential oils make a great addition to any new vegetarian. However, essential oils are for all spectrums of living. They allow people to eliminate a good portion of chemicals that reside in cleaning supplies, hair products, facial products, etc.

Luckily essential oils are easy to get your hands on and making alternative products is simple and cost-effective.

Castile soap by itself is already an all natural dish soap with its 100% product makeup of pure olive oil. It is found at any of your department stores that sell boxed soaps.

For creating an even more effective dish soap that kills germs and leaves your hands soft and nourished start here:

You’ll want to start with using1 cup of castile soap

Followed by4 tablespoons distilled water

Lastly3-5 drops of essential oil

When choosing the EO for your dish soap you’re not going to want to jump in and pick your favorite one (unless it’s Immu-Fighter). You’ll want to pick oils that are best for cleaning.

Here’s a list of great oils to pick from:


-Tea Tree




-Pure & Clean

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