January 08, 2018

How To Get Started Incorporating Essential Oils Into Your Life!

Incorporating things into our daily routines can be tricky if we’re already so stuck in a flow that has become second nature. We get stuck in this mindset of I don’t have time to do something like that or change is uncomfortable. However, when you break it down (and I won’t get into details about change), in order to excel, doing things that might make us uncomfortable gives us an extra push in finding out we actually enjoy things such as activities, new career paths, different routes to work, etc.

When we think about change we don’t have a clue where to start. For some, taking small steps is where it all starts. Where do we get this extra nudge from to help us achieve such change; Essential Oils.

A lot of the time people are very misconstrued about EOs, most (who are not regular EO users) are unaware of the multiple uses just one essential oil has. One EO has the properties to reduce, treat, and eliminate multiple different health problems. When mixed with complementary oils they can directly treat problems sought out.

The beauty of essential oils is you’re not limited to just treating health problems. EOs can increase productivity, help guide meditations, replace cleaning and bath products, along with facial lotions and serums. The uses for essential oils are endless, really.

People would be surprised on how well hair can be used as a diffuser. Even when you get out of the shower and your hair drys the aroma from the shampoo and conditioner lasts. When you incorporate essential oils into your hair care routine you become a walking diffuser.

If you’re one that uses any moroccan, argan, or keratin oils in your hair care, just add a few drops of EO to boost your mood all day.

Here's a list of a few great essential oils to try!



Pure & Clean




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Dish Soap

Sugar Scrubs

Glass bottles

The vegetarian transition is pulling more and more people to a healthier non toxic way of living and essential oils make a great addition to any knew vegetarian. However, essential oils are for all spectrums of living. They allow people to eliminate a good portion of chemicals that reside in cleaning supplies, hair products, facial products, etc.

Lucky enough essential oils are easy to get your hands on and making alternative products is way simple and cost effective.

Castile soap by itself is already an all natural dish soap, with its 100% product makeup of pure olive oil. Found at any of your boxed stores.

When creating an even more effective dish soap that kills germs, leaves your hands soft and nourished starts here:

You’ll want to start with using1 cup of castile soap

Followed by4 tablespoons distilled water

Lastly3-5 drops of essential oil

Now when picking the EO for your dish soap you’re not going to want to jump in and pick your favorite one (unless it’s Immu-Fighter). You’ll want to pick oils that do well for cleaning.

Here’s a list of great oils to pick from:


-Tea Tree


-Immu-Fighter or Plus


Sugar scrubs are a natural way to get that silky soft skin. With this sugar scrub recipe you can gently exfoliate your skin while preventing harmful chemicals from seeping in.

You’re going to need:

2 tablespoons coconut oil  

1 teaspoon organic honey

4 tablespoons organic brown sugar

6 drops orange essential oil

6 drops tea tree essential oil

This sugar scrub is a great way to rid the dead skin cells from the face. It also reduces the risk of bacteria getting into the pores by deep cleaning the skin. Two times a week for best results. Glowing skin is easily achievable.  

Now when constructing your homemade products containing essential oils, it is important to understand that storage needs to be proper. If oils are not stored properly they can actually deteriorate the bottle they are in, especially when sunlight hits them. It can also lessen therapeutic and aromatic properties that contain oils.

So when going about storing your homemade products, dark cold places are best. Make sure you are using amber or cobalt blue glass, these colored classes help keep deteriorating sunlight out and they prevent the product from breaking down.

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