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One of the things I get asked a lot is “how do you use essential oils”? So I’ve been thinking about it and as I go through my day I realize I’m using essential oils a lot more often than I even realized.

I start off in the morning… I take a shower, in my shampoo I have added rosemary, peppermint, and cedarwood. I chose these oils because they keep my scalp healthy and dandruff free, and they may help prevent hair loss.

Then I get out of the shower and I have a jar of coconut oil and I’ve added lavender and frankincense. I slather that on my body as a moisturizer. When I get a new jar of coconut oil I put it in the sink, stop up the drain and let the jar sit in really hot water to melt the coconut oil. Then I add the lavender and frank, it then hardens back up and now I have my own chemical free, skin nourishing, moisturizer!

Then I brush my teeth with some charcoal toothpaste powder with a couple of drops of Immu-Fighter (our version of Thieves) on it.

Then I apply my facial serum that I’ve made of jojoba lavender  frankincense and geranium.

When I make my bed I have a spray bottle that has some vetiver, sandalwood, and frankincense, my husband prefers this combination. So I try not to use floral scents for our linen spray.

Here are some other ways that I use oils throughout my day…..

I add essential oils to my dish soap, my laundry detergent, and my cleaning spray bottle.

I have a salt scrub on my kitchen counter that I use on my hands Sometimes I have one in my bathroom to use on my feet too!

I often have a diffuser going in the living room, and of course at the office too!

Before bed I often apply essential oil’s to my feet depending on what’s going on.

  1. If I’m having muscle pain or aches I will apply Achy Breaky, not only to my feet but whatever body part is aching if I feel like I’m getting sick I use Immu-Fighter.
  2. If I feel like I’m getting really really sick I’ll use Immu-Plus.
  3. If I am feeling anxious I will use Anxiet-Ease or vetiver, frankincense, Adjust, lavender, Be Happy, etc. it just all depends.

I NEVER leave home without my in my purse, I use it instead of hand sanitizer! I love it, it's chemical free, dosen't dry my hands, and it smells great!

I do a lot of painting so I’m constantly using tea tree oil to remove paint and stain from things.

Goodness the list could go on and on and on there’s probably many things I forgot but that’s a start!

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Renewed Health Oils
Renewed Health Oils

January 11, 2018

Hi Kim, if I’m using, say a 16oz jar I add about 30-35 drops of each.


January 08, 2018

How much of the lavender and frankincense do you add to the jar of coconut oil?

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