February 17, 2019

Most commercial anti-aging skin products are designed to firm and tighten the skin while minimizing large pores. This combination creates a polished, more youthful look. But many beauty products on the market today are not only expensive, but laden with chemicals. The good news is that you can use essential oils for firming skin. Using oils is a safer, more holistic option. Oils are derived through cold pressing or steam distillation of botanicals. They are highly concentrated plant extracts with medicinal properties and therapeutic benefits for the skin.

How do essential oils help firm the skin?

Essential oils beautify skin naturally but are particularly effective for firming skin. You may be wondering exactly how essential oils help firm skin. Here are three reasons EOs are great for skin firming.

  • EOs have powerful antioxidant properties.Antioxidants fight free radicals. These are unstable molecules that try to become stable by stealing oxygen from healthy skin cells. When free radicals take oxygen from the healthy skin cells, the cells become damaged and lifeless. Free radicals cause signs of premature aging and sagging skin. Antioxidants are beneficial because they stave off free radicals and at the same time repair skin cells. This causes the skin to become firmer.
  • EOs are naturally astringent.Astringents help shrink larger pores. This makes for a flawless appearance and reduces oily skin. The astringent nature of essential oils helps promote tighter skin and a more youthful look.
  • EOs boost collagen. Some EOs help boost collagen which is a natural substance in the body that helps keep skin tauter and keeps it from sagging.

Best 5 Essential Oils for Firm Skin

There are a lot of essential oils that are useful for skin care and many of them have multiple properties that are beneficial for maintaining healthy skin. Here are our top five EOs to use for firming your skin and how to use them.

Frankincense Essential Oil:Use frankincense EOto reduce saggy skin. This oil is also good for removing sunspots and age spots. It’s a potent skin protector too. Frankincense protects skin from blemishes, large pores, signs of aging, and wrinkles. It strengthens the skin and helps fight off bacteria. It’s also beneficial for removing scars, healing skin and reducing oily skin. Add six drops of frankincense to the carrier oil of your choice and apply it to the face, jowls, and under the eyes to reduce saggy skin.

Neroli Essential Oil:Neroli EO helps tighten the skin due to the presence of a natural chemical called citral. Citral helps with the natural regeneration of skin cells as well as helping with the growth of new tissue and repairing the old. Neroli essential oil helps decrease pores and increase the elasticity of the skin. This is what makes it a great anti-aging treatment. It’s particularly good for those who have oily skin. Combine neroli EO with a carrier oil and apply it to any area of sagging skin.

Patchouli Essential Oil:Use patchouli EO to tighten skin. This oil has natural anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce inflammation and firm up the skin. It is also beneficial for reducing pores. This oil is useful for fighting wrinkles and cellulite which is a skin condition where fat deposits underlie the skin. Dilute patchouli EO with a carrier oil of your choice and massage it into the affected area.

Lavender Essential Oil:Many think lavender EOis the best choice for tightening skin. It is also useful for healing burns, cuts, and other abrasions since it repairs the skin. Lavender oil provides three important antioxidants to the body: glutathione, superoxide dismutase, and catalase. Since lavender EO is loaded with antioxidant and antimicrobial properties, it is beneficial for the skin when mixed with carrier oils like aloe vera or coconut oil. For the greatest benefit, mix lavender and frankincense oils with a carrier oil. Apply the mixture first thing in the morning, after bathing, or just before bed.

Geranium Essential Oil:Geranium EO is beneficial for the skin since it helps repair collagen. It also helps improve the elasticity of the skin because it boosts elastin fibers. It’s often used to treat stretch marks. As it nourishes the skin and improves elasticity, the skin becomes tighter and the appearance of wrinkles is reduced. Mix one teaspoon of argan oil with 3 drops of geranium EO and apply it to areas with saggy skin. 

Which Carrier Oils to Use for Skin Tightening Solutions

When you use essential oils for firming skin, it’s important to know which carrier oils are best for your skin type. Here are some general guidelines for which carrier oil to combine with your essential oils to achieve the best effect for your skin.

  • Normal skin can benefit from any carrier oil in general. Steer away from real heavy oils as they will clog pores. Jojoba oil is a good choice for a carrier oil if you have normal skin.
  • Oily skin needs light-weight oils. Good choices for carrier oils include grapeseed, sweet almond or apricot kernel.
  • Dry skin can benefit from a moisturizing carrier oil. Good choices for dry skin include olive oil, shea oil and coconut oil.
  • Acne-prone skin needs oils that have do not clog the skin. If your skin is prone to acne, use hemp seed oil, argan oil, or sunflower oil for a carrier.

 Age-Defying Serum Recipe

If you’d like to make your own anti-aging serum you can do it easily with essential oils. It’s less expensive than what you’ll find at the store and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. This simple recipe moisturized, firms and tones the skin. There are also no negative side effects. Here’s what you’ll need:


  • 2 TBL Rosehip EO
  • 2 TBL Sweet Almond Oil
  • 10 drops of Cypress EO
  • 10 drops of Frankincense EO
  • 7 drops of Geranium EO

Directions: Mix all of the ingredients in a small glass bottle. This serum can be used morning and night if you’d like. Some prefer to use it only at night. Remember that a little goes a long way, so use it sparingly. It will only take a small amount for the whole face and neck. Using too much will cause you to feel very oily or greasy.


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