December 04, 2017

High Quality Essential Oils At A Lower Price? How?

FAQ- We get asked a lot about HOW we can sell our oils so cheap and still have them be of High Quality. Some even think it to be untrue or impossible. 
Well, here's the deal.... most essential oils aren't all that expensive when you can buy direct and in bulk straight from the manufacturer. We have found that there are only a handful of major EO manufacturers in the world, which supply about 95% of the oils to ALL companies. 
Some companies choose to "dilute" their oils to reduce the quality and prices, and increase their profits. Some companies choose to have an MLM which raises costs tremendously. And then you have some companies that choose to maintain pure oils and still pass the $$ savings on to their customers. That is us! 
We choose to keep our oils 100% undiluted/uncut, unadulterated, and 100% therapeutic grade. We realized that huge mark-ups are NOT necessary, so we keep our prices at wholesale! We are NOT a MLM, and do not sell to retailers. We are a small Family Run business based out of Hastings,MI... and want to keep our oils affordable to all who want/need essential oils!

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