September 24, 2018

Those who suffer from hair loss may have tried nearly everything to help nourish your hair and cause new growth. There is a lot of information on how to stimulate hair to grow but many methods simply do not work and have no scientific backing to support the claims. Using essential oils good for hair growth is a safe and effective option that is worth a try. Each person’s hair and scalp have different qualities to take into consideration when choosing the essential oil or oil blend to encourage hair growth. For instance, if your scalp is dry or flaky, you’ll want to use oils that are moisturizing and gentle on the skin. If your scalp and hair are oily, you’ll want to use oils that balance out the scalp’s production of sebum, so it is less oily. You can use this as a guide to help you find the best essential oils to help with hair growth.

What makes essential oils good for hair growth?

Essential oils come directly from nature. They are taken directly from plants and they contain many medicinal and healing properties. Most of the oils good for hair growth help improve circulation or help stimulate hair follicles. Beyond encouraging healthy hair growth, they can also help prevent dandruff, graying and a flaky, dry scalp.

Using Carrier Oils with Essential Oils for Hair Growth

Essential oils are distilled from different parts of plants. While they are products of nature, they are also very potent and highly concentrated. It’s very important to remember to blend them with a carrier oil before placing them on your scalp or skin. There are a lot of different carrier oils to choose from but in general, some of the best ones for the hair and scalp include coconut oil and jojoba oil.

Top 5 Essential Oils Good for Hair Growth

  1. Rosemary Essential Oil.Rosemary EO is often used for hair growth because it increases the cellular metabolism of hair follicles which stimulates growth. Since it increases the circulation to the scalp, it helps to increase the production of hair follicles. It imparts vital nutrients which are essential for encouraging hair growth. Rosemary oil also contains a large number of antioxidants which can help prevent thinning or graying of the hair. Rosemary is good for those who have an oily scalp. Its ability to clear the pores in the scalp can help relieve dandruff or an itchy scalp. It is not a good oil to use if you are pregnant or if you suffer from epilepsy. Mix three to five drops of rosemary EO with equal parts of a carrier oil like olive oil and massage it into your scalp for two minutes. Leave it on your hair for three or four hours and then wash it out.
  2. Peppermint Essential Oil.Peppermint EO stimulates the scalp and can treat both dandruff and lice because it contains powerful antiseptic properties. One study done on animals showed positive results when peppermint EO was used to promote new hair growth. Over the four-week study, the animals had prominent hair growth, increased dermal thickness, and increased follicle number and depth. Peppermint oil is calming and cooling when applied to the scalp and can help reduce inflammation of the skin. Mix two to three drops of peppermint EO directly into shampoo or conditioner for good results.
  3. Cedarwood Essential Oil.Cedarwood is not as well known as many of the other more popular oils, but it has many benefits. It is especially good for the scalp as it can help reduce skin irritations. This makes it an excellent choice for people who have sensitive scalps. It has also been successfully used to treat alopecia. Cedarwood EOincreases the circulation in the scalp, slows down hair loss, and promotes healthy hair growth. It’s often used by individuals who want to treat thinning hair. Cedarwood oil mixes very well with some of the more gentle oils like lavender. Add two to three drops of cedarwood to two tablespoons of coconut oil then gently massage it into your scalp and smooth it through your hair. You may also want to mix five drops of cedarwood EO with a tablespoon of your shampoo and then use it to wash your hair.
  4. Clary Sage Essential Oil.Clary sage EO contains an ester called linalyl acetate which can help reduce inflammation of the skin and regulate the skin’s production of oil. It’s also often used for a remedy for rashes and works as an antibacterial agent. It is a good choice if your hair loss is due to stress since it can help relieve stress and balance out hormone levels. It’s useful for stress-induced hair loss since it relieves stress and reduces cortisol levels. To promote hair growth, blend equal parts of clary sage oil and jojoba oil and apply it to your scalp and hair. Let it stand for 30 minutes before washing it out. (Note: Do not use clary sage if you are pregnant as it has been known to induce contractions.)
  5. Tea Tree Essential Oil.Tea tree EOcan improve both hair and scalp health in a variety of ways. It has both antimicrobial and antifungal properties which can help eliminate or reduce dryness and itching of the scalp. It can also help unclog hair follicles which can release the flow of sebum to the scalp. You may have already seen tea tree oil in many products that treat dandruff. To use tea tree oil to promote hair growth, mix two to three drops of it with two tablespoons of sweet almond carrier oil. Put the blend in your hair and leave it for 30 minutes before shampooing it out.

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