July 13, 2018

We live in a stress-filled world and most feel they are constantly under pressure. Chronic stress can be damaging to the body as well as cause complications with emotions and mental health. Periodic stress can help us be productive such as when we have a new job interview or are performing a piano recital. But when it continues over time or like when you are stuck in traffic while trying to get to an important meeting, it can have negative effects. Ongoing stress can also lead to many health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, a weakened immune system, depression and chronic fatigue.

Effectively managing stress can be beneficial for your health both physically and mentally. This is why we combined some of our top stress relief oil blends into a single Stress Relief Set. Each blend contains oils that are useful for reducing or managing the effects of stress on you. Here you’ll find the essential oils in each blend and how they are useful for combatting stress and its ill effects.


Adjust is a blend of five essential oils that can help you feel motivated, courageous and confident. Adjust essential oil blend is created from a unique set of oils blended perfectly to help ensure you feel both calm and in control. It is comprised of these five essential oils:

  • Spruce EO – For an effective remedy for stress and anxiety, spruce essential oil is just the ticket. It can have a grounding and stabilizing effect.
  • Rosewood EO – The properties in Rosewood essential oil help alleviate feelings of depression. Aromatherapy specialists use rosewood specifically because it eliminates sadness and disappointment, so you can take on a fresh, new perspective.
  • Chamomile EO – Chamomile oil can be an anti-stress component. Many know the power of drinking chamomile tea to calm down and improve sleep at night. Diffusing the oil can also have a calming effect that helps you beat stress.
  • Frankincense EO – This woody, sweet scent can help you unwind and reduce stress. It is often used as a method for reducing anxiety. It can be combined with lavender, rose, or orange oils for a quick calming effect.
  • Roman Chamomile EO

Stressy Lessy

When you reach the end of the day and you think you cannot possibly take one more step, reach for Stressy Lessy a blend uniquely created to help energize the body and mind. This stress buster is a very powerful blend that is designed to help you achieve the tranquility you deserve. It contains these potent oils:

  • Lemon EO – Lemon oil is known for its anti-anxiety properties as well as its sedative effect. It is rich in linalool which is a compound common to many foods and flowers. Lemon essential oil is often used in aromatherapy to help relieve stress, promote sleep, improve moods and ease symptoms associated with depression.
  • Orange EO – Orange oil can help relieve anxiety just by inhaling its sweet aroma.
  • Clary Sage EO – In one study, clary sage essential oil was shown to positively influence dopamine levels in the brain. This is known as the “feel happy” chemical. Clary Sage has natural anti-depressant properties that are useful for combatting stress, boosting your moods, and calming the mind.
  • Ylang Ylang EO – Commonly useful for lowering blood pressure, ylang ylang can also be useful for lowering the body’s stress hormone levels. Using this EO as part of a self-care routine may be beneficial for stress relief and may benefit the whole body and your overall health.

Clearin Ma Mind

Many individuals suffer from ADD or ADHD. It’s not just limited to children, adults can be affected by it too. When we are stressed out, we can have difficulty sleeping and concentrating on necessary tasks. Clearin Ma Mind is a unique blend designed to help with regaining focus, promoting concentration, encouraging restful thinking and sleep.

How Essential Oils Help Fight Stress

When essential oils are inhaled, the fragrant molecules pass through the brain or blood barrier. This allows them to have a direct effect on the areas of the brain that is in charge of controlling stress and anxiety. It can also help with feelings of panic or depression. They work because the olfactory nerve takes in the fragrance and it enters the skull through little holes directly connected to the brain. Once the fragrance reaches the nerves signals are sent to various parts of the brain including the amygdala and the limbic system. These are in charge of our moods, memory and emotions as well as regulating the nervous system. Our nervous system triggers the fight-or-flight response, raises blood pressure and speeds up our breathing when we are stressed out. Using appropriate scents can trigger physical reactions in the body and can have the same effect as anti-anxiety medications.

Ways to use Oil Blends to Fight Stress

There are several ways to reap the stress-fighting benefits of essential oils. Here are five ways to use them for relief.

  1. Inhale the oil blend of your choice directly. Pour a couple of drops on a cloth, handkerchief or cotton ball and breathe in taking two or three slow, deep breaths.
  2. Add the blends to a carrier oil and apply it to your wrists, temples or other areas of the body, particularly areas like pulse points or where you can breathe in its aroma.
  3. Add the blend to your bath or shower. When using oils for aromatherapy in the shower, remember to plug the drain to help build up steam.
  4. Add a few drops to your diffuser for a long-lasting effect.
  5. Wear diffuser jewelry saturated with your favorite stress-busting blend.



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