DIY Shave Gel

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Hey there essential oil loving people!

I posted a quick picture yesterday of some shave gel I made at home and received lots of inquiries about how I made it, so today, I'll let you in on my not so secret recipe!

First, I searched my house for a glass container to put it in that would be easy to dispense since I knew it would be pretty thick. A few weeks ago I scored some cute glass jars with chalk board lids from Target. (I love Target $1 isles by the way) I purchased a couple different sizes, but for this project, I used the smaller of the two which I think was around 1 pint.

Next, I combined my ingredients:

3/4 Cup Aloe Gel

1/4 Cup Coconut Oil at room temperature (No need to melt it!)

1/2 Tablespoon Vitamin E Oil

20 or so drops of Essential Oil (I used Cedarwood Oil for my husbands shave gel to give it a manly scent and Lavender Oil for my own). 

Lastly, I blended everything together with my kitchen blender until it had a nice light whipped consistency and added it to my jar. 

Boom, it's that easy! I will be trying shampoo, conditioner and dish washing detergent tabs soon, so check back in the near future for those! 


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