January 22, 2018

From December all the way up until the majority of March, we are stuck inside most days. Unmotivated by icee roads and lack of vision in the snowy terrains of Michigan. We neglect ourselves of the important sunshine that all species need to sustain life.

When we neglect ourselves of sunlight, we cut ourselves short of the important vitamin known as D or D3. Vitamin D3 ranges in many health benefits that can reduce your risk of multiple different cancers, diseases, and a handful of mental strains; depression, anxiety, stress.

It’s important to get your daily dose of vitamin D3 because it not only helps get back lost D from lack of sunshine, it lowers your risk of disease by absorbing calcium. Now, when you take a supplement vitamin such as D3 which is absorbing calcium in the body and mix it with a vitamin such as K2, you get a super supplement.

K2 activates proteins in the body that help dissolve blood clots, in the proper doses. Along with activating proteins, when taken with D3 it helps direct the excess calcium in the body so that D3 can actively absorb calcium, which is very important.

When D3 is taken without a K2, it can actually harm your body more than help it. D3 when taken, is there to help you gain lost calcium. However, while you are taking D regularly your body can actively start absorbing calcium from the bones, without the help of K. This results in the calcium ending up in soft tissue areas such as blood vessels.

Now when K is added, you don’t have to worry about the calcium being recruited from the bones and ending up in soft tissue areas, causing bone loss and osteoporosis. The K is there to promote calcium accumulation in the bones.

The major risks of taking D without K have been shown to lead to calcification of blood vessels and heart disease. So when taking D with a K you are reducing your risk of these illnesses.

Combined D3 and K2 create a super supplement that now provides health with your immune system by balancing and functioning bone health and cardiovascular health. This helps us age better with hard bones and soft arteries.   

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