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Cedarwood oil, like other essential oils, has a wide variety of benefits. EOs are concentrated and powerful, which means using some restraint with them. Being educated on the oils helps you get the most out of their use as well as preventing adverse reactions to them. While discovering the many benefits of the oil, there are a few cedarwood essential oil side effects to be aware of. By taking a few precautions, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of the EO without fear.

Possible Cedarwood Essential Oil Side Effects

There has been some discrepancy as to whether or not pregnant women should be exposed to cedarwood oil. Since the extent of cedarwood essential oil side effects are not fully known, it’s best to avoid the oil if you are pregnant. Definitely consult your medical care provider before using it if you are expecting, nursing or planning on trying to become pregnant soon.

Cedarwood EO needs to be diluted prior to any topical application. Use a carrier oil to dilute it. A 5% dilution is considered safe for adults. That’s about 30 drops of EO to an ounce of carrier oil. It’s not recommended to use it on children under one year old and children up to 12 need a more diluted version to use topically. For children, six drops of the EO to an ounce of carrier oil is considered safe.

EOs should NOT be ingested as they can cause harm to internal organs. Since cedarwood is one of the stronger oils, it can cause vomiting, excessive thirst, nausea and massive damage to the digestive system.

Ways to Use Cedarwood EO

Now that you understand the precautions needed to avoid cedarwood essential oil side effects, take a look at the many benefits it can provide. The essential oil is extracted from the cedar tree using steam distillation. It has sedative, astringent, antiseptic, and antifungal properties. It’s most common uses include aromatherapy and topical application in a diluted form. Here are top ten ways to use cedarwood EO.

  1. Calming ADHD Symptoms. If you or your child were diagnosed with ADHD, or you feel the diagnosis has been missed along the way, the conclusion of a recent study suggests inhaling cedarwood essential oil can help maintain focus. It can either be diffused or inhaled directly from the bottle to achieve the effect. Most suggest inhaling it three times a day can improve both memory and focus.
  2. Helping rid Skin Blemishes. After considering the cautions about cedarwood essential oil side effects and the need for dilution for safe use on the skin, the EO can be used to treat eczema and acne. Eczema is often caused by an overproduction of sebum. This can lead to inflammation of skin cells. Cedarwood oil is anti-seborrheic, which means it can help reduce this type of inflammation and attack infection in the layers of the skin. The result is a stable production of sebum which reduces peeling.
  3. Relieves Insomnia.The sedative effect of cedarwood essential oil can help you relax and get a good night’s rest. When used for aromatherapy, it can help release serotonin which is converted into melatonin to help promote good sleep.
  4. Relief for Arthritic Pain. Cedarwood EO has plenty anti-inflammatory compounds which make it effective for relieving joint pain and stiffness often caused by arthritis. Once it has been diluted safely to avoid cedarwood essential oil side effects, it can be massaged into the skin. Both the topical application and inhaling it helps reduce inflammation and dull your perception of the pain. You may also add five to 10 drops of the oil to your bath to achieve the same effect.
  5. Disinfect Wounds. Due to its antiseptic and potent antibacterial properties, cedarwood EO can be diluted and applied to wounds to help ward off infections. Always mix the oil with a carrier oil or add a few drops to an antiseptic cream before applying it to the skin. Dab it on the wound using cotton or a swab as often as is needed. This helps kill bacteria trapped in the skin and prevents more from forming. This can be beneficial for facilitating quicker healing.
  6. Soothe Insect Bites. The same properties that are beneficial for disinfecting wounds can help treat insect bites effectively. It can even be used as an insect repellant to keep them away to begin with. Cedarwood has long been used to keep bugs away. Just mix five drops of the EO per ounce of water in a spray bottle. Spray the outdoor areas you want to keep free from insects and mosquitos.
  7. Ease Respiratory Ailments. In Ayurvedic medicine, cedarwood has long been used for treating asthma. Studies of animals have demonstrated it may help relieve asthma due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Try steam inhalation to help relieve congestion, dilute it and rub it on your chest, or diffuse it into the room to help relieve asthma and other respiratory difficulties.
  8. Relieve Muscle Spasms and Restless Leg. Many people from athletes to older individuals suffer from muscle spasms from time to time. The antispasmodic properties of cedarwood oil can help relieve spasms as well as the symptoms of restless leg syndrome. A few drops can be mixed in with a massage oil or cream and gently massaged into the large muscles of the body to provide relief. Before going to bed at night, which is when restless leg is most disturbing for most people, try applying the diluted oil to the legs.
  9. Reduce Hair Loss. Many people suffer from hair loss and are greatly concerned about it. Over the counter remedies are not always effective. Dilute cedarwood EO with equal parts of water or add two to three drops to each spoon of carrier oil, coconut oil is suggested. Apply the oil mixture to the scalp. Rub it in gently massaging the scalp for five minutes. Leave it on for a half an hour before rinsing. Severe cases may benefit from adding cedarwood to other oils like rosemary, thyme, and lavender. Dilute the combined oils and apply as stated above. You might also just mix the oils in with your hair care products to help reduce hair loss and promote new hair growth.
  10. Cleaning Capabilities.Fungal infections can take a lot longer to treat than bacterial infections. Cedarwood EO is both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal which makes it perfect for disinfecting and fighting conditions such as athlete’s foot or nail fungus. It battles the problem starting at the surface level on down. Using it regularly for cleaning should help eliminate infection and prevent it from returning.

Latest Research on Cedarwood EO

Some of the latest research pertaining to the uses of cedarwood essential oil has been astounding. It may have anticancer properties. One study demonstrated that some of the wood oils are cytotoxic which means it may be possible to use it to treat leukemia cells that have become resistant to pharmaceuticals commonly used to treat it.

The oil can be used by itself or with other oils for a variety of purposes. Just remember the precautions about the common cedarwood essential oil side effects that are possible. And always dilute it properly to avoid skin irritation. Happy experimenting with your new discoveries of cedarwood EO and its many health benefits.


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September 12, 2019

I was given the cedarwood oil to help with sleeping but was not told to use a carrier oil. I was using full strength under and around my nose at night. Last night i did not go to sleep so i used it maybe five times before midnight. Not sure when i went to sleep but instead of awaking around 5 am as usual, i slept til 7:30. I did not feel well when i awake, ears ringing and a bit nauseas. Went back to sleep until 10:30 a.m. awoke, vomited! Unheard of for me! Went back to sleep until 3 p.m. scared me when i woke up. Its 5:30 now. I feel a bit better now. Be careful with these oils. They are potent!

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