September 30, 2016

When I have company over, in addition to de-cluttering, dusting, and making sure my floors are clean, I always worry about whether my home smells inviting and fresh. Living on a farm and having three children, two of which are boys under the age of four, means undesirable smells happen on a daily basis. At any given time in my home, there is a trash can stuffed to the very max (as if I am THE ONLY person in the family who notices that one more item could NOT POSSIBLY be crammed in), a stinky diaper in the bathroom trash(because it is just asking too much to bag it and walk it out to the outdoor trash bin on the other side of the driveway), a bottle lodged under the couch with questionable contents (that I searched the entire house for, crawling, army style, on my hands and knees to find), and chicken poop covered chore boots in the mud room. How embarrassing to have friends walk into your home and notice these smells! I would much rather my friends think I have my life all together. 
For years I have tried different things to keep my home smelling fresh. From wax burners, candles, air fresheners in the register vents, air freshener sprays, to scented air purifiers. You name it, I've tried it. Nothing seemed to give my home a lasting fresh scent until I tried essential oils. What's great about using oils is, not only is it safer for the environment, safer for my family, but this blend, (containing myrtle, lavendin, citronella, rosemary, and lemongrass) offers antiseptic and antibacterial properties which smells great but purifies the air and is soothing to the respiratory system as well. Here are some ways I like to use them:
1. The first thing I do when my family and I wake up in the morning or arrive home from a busy day, is turn on my diffuser with Pure & Clean Essential Oil Blend (check back for a post about the benefits and uses for this and other Renewed Health Oils). I set my diffuser to allow for enough oil to be diffused so as to smell it through the living room and kitchen, but not as to overpower our senses.
2. A few drops on a cotton ball, placed in various spots around the house (behind the toilet, in the bottom of trash cans, in closets, ect.) works great as well!
3. Mix a few drops of Tea Tree oil (a great cleaner with antibacterial and mold fighting  properties) with Borax for a DIY carpet powder.
Give it a try and let me know what you think!   

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